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Some left over code from a potential nfp (new fingerprint) CDK module.


The project uses Maven to build and will download all required dependencies and bundle the classes as a jar.

mvn install

On unix system (Linux/OS X) standalone executable stubs can be made (make sure mvn install is run first).

sh make-stubs.sh


The module provides several command line utilities. If you are on windows you will not be able run the stubs (unless you have a shell env like Cygwin) and should see the section Running from the Jar.

smi2fps runs through a SMILES file and outputs an ECFP4 (CDK CircularFingerprint) in FPS format. If no second argument is provided the output is to standard out. The ~1.4 million entries in ChEMBL 19 should take a few minutes (YMMV).

$ ./smi2fps /data/chembl_19.smi chembl_19.fps

mkidx converts the FPS file generated in the previous step into an index. The index will improve search performance. If the second argument is omitted the index name will be based on the input FPS file (e.g. chembl_19.fps.idx). An Id mapping file is also generated (e.g. chembl_19.fps.idx.id) which maps the hit ids back to the original identifiers.

$ ./mkidx chembl_19.fps chembl_19.idx

fpsscan runs through an FPS file and greps out the entries that are similar to a provided query structure. The optional third argument specifies the threshold at which entries should be selected (default: 0.8).

$ ./fpsscan chembl_19.fps 'COc1cccc(c1)C1(O)CCCCC1CN(C)C' 0.7

simmer use the index to search for queries. The number of hits, time, and number of entries checked is reported.

SMILES queries can be provided on the command line

$ ./simmer chembl_19.idx 0.8 'COc1cccc(c1)C1(O)CCCCC1CN(C)C' 'c1ccccc1'

or in a file

$ ./simmer /data/chembl_19.idx 0.8 queries.smi

toper is like simmer but allows the retrieval of the k most similar hits. For example, to retrieve the top 50 hits use.

$ ./toper /data/chembl_19.idx 50 queries.smi

The output format is the same as toper.

Setting Java Options

$ export java_args="-Xms2G -Xmx2G" - to set the start/max heap size

$ export java_args="-Dchunks=true" - load the index in chunks (i.e. not all at once)

$ export java_args="-XX-UsePopCountInstruction" - tell java not to use PopCount instruction (for investigation)

Running benchmark

The benchmark/ directory contains the 1000 SMILES that have also been used in benchmark MongoDB by Matt Swain. The script generates a result file that summarises each search.

$ cp chembl_19.idx benchmark/
$ cd benchmark/
$ sh run-benchmark.sh

Running from the jar

The above commands can also be run from the jar without the stubs

$ java -cp target/nfp.jar org.openscience.cdk.nfp.SmiToFps /data/chembl_19.smi chembl_19.fps
$ java -cp target/nfp.jar org.openscience.cdk.nfp.FpsToIdx chembl_19.fps chembl_19.idx
$ java -cp target/nfp.jar org.openscience.cdk.nfp.FpsScan chembl_19.fps 'COc1cccc(c1)C1(O)CCCCC1CN(C)C' 0.7
$ java -cp target/nfp.jar org.openscience.cdk.nfp.SimSearch chembl_19.idx 0.8 'COc1cccc(c1)C1(O)CCCCC1CN(C)C' 'c1ccccc1'
$ java -cp target/nfp.jar org.openscience.cdk.nfp.TopSearch chembl_19.idx 10 'COc1cccc(c1)C1(O)CCCCC1CN(C)C' 'c1ccccc1'