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To use the F("...") inline "flash string" notation with Print::print() and
Print::println(), a small patch needs to be added to the core Print.h file.
This patch effectively tells the Print class that the Flash library objects
all support a print method, and that calling, for example
is simply an alias for calling
To insert the patch, first insert this code near the top of Print.h, just
before the declaration of class Print:
class Print;
class _Printable
virtual void print(Print &stream) const = 0;
Then, inside the body of the Print class, add these lines, defining two
new methods:
void print(const _Printable &obj) { obj.print(*this); }
void println(const _Printable &obj) { obj.print(*this); println(); }
That's it!
If you have correctly patched the file, the flash_inline_strings.pde
example should compile and work correctly.
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