ScreenWatcher is an open-source computer monitoring suite designed for allowing operators to monitor and control large amounts of computers on a network at once.
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Class Designer - .NET 2003
Class Designer - .NET 2010
Main Project - .NET 2003


Copyright (C) 2010 John Moore and Andre Wiggins

For information about features, the creation process, and more, please visit ScreenWatcher's homepage.


ScreenWatcher, composed of the client application, server application, and Class Designer,
   is (C) (copyright) of and was originally written by John Moore and Andre Wiggins.
ScreenWatcher has been released under the Reciprocal Public License. 
   You should have received a copy of this license with the source code.
   If not, you can find a copy of it at
   Additionally, the license template can be found at
ScreenWatcher is protected under U.S. law from infringement of any rights not granted to the end user
   of the program by this license, including the acquisition of profit from redistribution
   of the original source or any variant of it except as permitted by the license itself.