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Radiant Comments Extension

Build Status

Adds blog-like comment functionality to Radiant. Currently maintained by


If you want to contribute features or fixes please write your specs and code and submit pull requests to these users:

  • saturnflyer

  • artofmission


Version 1.x requires Radiant 1.x or greater. Older gem releases work with older Radiant releases.

There are also git tags which match the Radiant version the tag is known to work with. Users of pre 1.x versions will also need to manually install the fastercsv, mollom and sanitize gems.


Add `gem “radiant-comments-extension”, “~> 1.0”` to your Gemfile then run:

bundle install
bundle exec rake radiant:extensions:comments:install

This WILL delete any snippets named 'comment', 'comments' and 'comment_form' if these exist.

If you are upgrading from a previous version with out the sanitizer run:

bundle exec rake radiant:extensions:comments:initialize

or if you want to clean up your initializer for the sanitize gem run:

bundle exec rake radiant:extensions:comments:forced_initialize

More Help

See the included HELP docs here or read them in your Radiant interface with the Help extension installed.


If you contribute, go ahead and add your name to the list!


Included icons come from the FamFamFam Silk icon set.

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