Physically based ray tracer in Nim
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Physically based ray tracer in Nim

"In the Polynesian mythology of the Maori, Ao ("daylight") is one of the primal deities who are the unborn forces of nature. Ao is the personification of light and the ordinary world, as opposed to darkness and the underworld. He is spoken of under many forms or manifestations, including Aoturoa, “enduring day, this world,” Aomarama, “bright day, world of light and life”. With his companions, Ata, “morning,” and Whaitua, “space,” Ao resists the forces of darkness." (source)


Ao is a Nim implementation of pbrt, the famous physically based ray tracer. I am adding bits and pieces as I'm progressing with reading the book, which is going at a leisurely pace as I'm doing this in my free time for enjoyment.

You can follow the development at my blog if you're interested.

Requires devel branch Nim. I regularly test the code on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


To run all the unit tests:

nim c -r test/allTests