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This repo contains my universal dotfiles for OS X, Linux and Cygwin. The general idea is that a core set of functionality should be available on all platforms (e.g. shell behaviour, system clipboard and mouse support in Vim and tmux, unified colourscheme etc.) and there are also platform specific tweaks and configurations for each platform.

Supported platforms:

  • Crunchbang++ 1.0 (based on Debian Jessie)
  • OS X El Capitan (10.11)
  • Latest cygwin on Windows 7

NOTE: I'm not using Cygwin too much nowadays, so expect breakages. Linux and OS X should be okay though as I'm using those on a daily basis.


  • bash 3.2.57
  • git 2.6.4
  • GNU grep 2.22
  • tmux 2.1
  • vim 7.3.855 (Lua support is required for neocomplete)
  • zsh 5.1.1

For Linux there's also some additional configs that turn a vanilla Crunchbang++ 1.0 install into a Vim friendly desktop environment. See [this blog post] for details.


Installing the dependencies


sudo apt-get install zsh tmux git rxvt-unicode-256color vim-nox


Many of the configs require GNU coreutils. To install them with MacPorts:

sudo port install grep
sudo port install coreutils +with_default_names


Installing the dotfiles

Clone this somewhere (e.g. ~/.dotfiles) and then do the following:

cd ~/.dotfiles

The script is completely non-destructive and creates backups of any existing files. You can also start it with -d for a dry-run.

If you are using a different location than ~/.dotfiles, you must manually set DOTFILES to point to your desired location in ~/.bashrc-pre and ~/.zshrc-pre after the installation.



Installing Vim

You'll need Vim compiled with Lua, Python and mouse support (among others) for all the features to work. neocomplete requires Vim 7.3.885+ with Lua enabled.

On Linux:

sudo apt-get install vim-nox

On OS X:

sudo port install vim +huge+lua+python27

Installing Vundle

The Vim config is Vundle based. Install Vundle as described on the project page, then start Vim and do a :VundleInstall.


If you want nice airline symbols in your status line, you will need to install a powerline patched font.

Using the same vimrc file for vim/Cygwin and native gVim under Windows

The easiest way to do this to create an NTFS junction in your Windows user directory that points point to the actual .vimrc file in your Cygwin home directory (pointing to the symlink won't work, e.g. to ~/.vimrc).

To do this, issue the following command from the Windows command line (you will probably need admin privileges for this):

mklink C:\Users\<user_name>\_vimrc C:\<cygwin_path>\home\<user_name>\.dotfiles\common\_vimrc

There's some logic in vimrc to make Vundle work with this setup.


My universal dotfiles



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