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Hi Johnny,

When dragging elements it's hard to position them in between two nested lists. As seen in this Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/AWNaB/.

The only way to do it now is by moving the mouse all the way to the left and out of the parent ol. Is there a way to do this without having to move the mouse to the left?

I know that setting "pullPlaceholder: false" does fix this issue. But doing that breaks dropping items in empty lists. Unfortunately I need both...

johnny commented Jun 15, 2013

The idea is, that once you are inside a list item, you only sort within it. But I must admit that the current behavior in your example is counterintuitive.

Two solutions spring to mind:
(1) In the tiny space between the lists, the placeholder should move to the left (this is a bug)
(2) Support negative values for the tolerance option or numeric values for the pullPlaceholder option to widen the space provided by (1)

What do you think?


Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the quick response. The second option sounds great! Trying to pry a list item in between that space seems rather frustrating.

The behavior that occurs when disabling the pullPlaceholder option seems like it should be. If numeric values for pullPlaceholder can be a fix for both dropping in empty nested lists and dropping in between nested lists I'd be very happy!

@johnny johnny added a commit that closed this issue Jun 21, 2013
@johnny tolerance option accepts negative values
Items with child containers no longer use sameResultBox

closes #22
@johnny johnny closed this in e0ecadb Jun 21, 2013
johnny commented Jun 21, 2013

I decided to use the tolerance option. Use negative values to widen the space.


Works great, thanks! The only problem left is that I can't find a donate button anywhere...

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