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Shell script that replicates Weather Underground PWS to
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simple shell script that parses current observations from a weather underground station and posts to Needed so Rachio smart irrigation controller can use nearby weather underground data to adjust watering schedule.

Mandatory Linux Tools Required:

  • jq
  • wget

Mandatory variables to set in the script (more info in the .sh):

  • WORKINGDIR=/home/ABC123
  • WUAPI={your weather underground API key - no braces}
  • WUPWS={"your weather underground station identifier - no braces - yes quotes"}
  • PWSID={your station ID}
  • PWSPASS={your password}


  • Sign up for a Weather Underground free (Stratus) API key
  • Sign up for a account
  • Create a new weather station under your account using the (lat/long/elevation/etc) from the Weather Underground station you wish to track
  • edit the script with all of your personal variables
  • set a cronjob to run the script with your desired frequency - keep it at every 3 minutes or more to stay under the WU 500 API calls/day limit
    • */3 * * * * {script location - no spaces}
  • profit
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