Python wrapper for the St. Louis Fed's FRED API.
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Python wrapper of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank's FRED API web service for retrieving economic data.

FRED API Documentation:

Sign up for a FRED API key:


Without your API key saved in the file:

>>> from fred import Fred
>>> Fred('my_api_key').category(category_id=125)

With your API key saved in the fred_api_key file:

>>> from fred import Fred
>>> Fred().category(category_id=125)


  • category -- Get economic data for a specific category.

    >>> Fred().category(category_id=120)
  • releases -- Get all releases of economic data.

    >>> Fred().releases(limit=10)

    >>> Fred().releases('dates', xml_output=True)
  • release -- Get economic data for a specific release.

    >>> Fred().release('series', release_id=51)
  • series -- Get economic series of data.

    >>> Fred().series('search', search_text="money stock")

    >>> Fred().series(series_id='IRA')
  • sources -- Get all of FRED's sources of economic data.

    >>> Fred().sources()
  • source -- Get a single source of economic data.

    >>> Fred().source(source_id=51)
  • api -- Generic way of interacting with the FRED API.

    >>> Fred().api('release', 'dates', release_id=51)

    >>> Fred().api('category', category_id=119)

NOTE: Normally, data is returned in dictionary format instead of XML. If you're looking for XML output, however, just pass in the xml_output=True argument to a method.

>>> Fred().releases(xml_output=True)


Author: Zach Williams

All code released under the Unlicense (a.k.a. Public Domain).