Common & useful functions that extend the Util class in NodeJs
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Node.js utilities module extensions

Common & useful functions that extend the Util class in NodeJs. Basically these are all those functions that you usually carry between projects and repos. Ideally centralized in a single lib, distributed through NPM and easy to use.

Basically, if you are already using util module from NodeJS just do this

var util = require('util'); // this is how you have it now

var util = require('util-ext') // this is how you add support for extended util functions 

Take a look at the code to see the available functions.


npm install util-ext

Available Functions

Partial. Creates a callback with a set of pre-applied parameters. It's really useful when you need to pass a parametrized callback and you don't want to go through the spaghetti of creating a closure. e.g.

var handler = function(mode, e){ /** some shitty code */  }; // some function with 2 args

var handlerA = util.partial(handler, "MODE_A"); // create a callback where we fix param mode to be "MODE_A"

obj.subscribe('event' handlerA); // pass the handler with the applied argument e will be determined by context

You get the point.


This code is provided as-is without warranty or support, it can be distributed under the DTFYW License (do the fuck you want)