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Revision History for Windows Azure Storage for Ruby

v1.1 - (smarx)

  • Upload from stream, plus XML/URI escaping in various places, and a few other minor fixes

  • Add upload method to container

  • Add put_block_list to support upload

  • Fix message canonicalization of ?comp= parameters for versions prior to 2009-09-19 (seems put_block was broken)

  • Unescape query string parameters when constructing signatures (needed for put_block, since some base64-encoded names include non-URI-friendly characters)

  • XML-escape property values for table entities (needed to insert things containing &, <, etc.)

  • Remove Unicode characters from rakefile (was breaking something on Windows)

  • Add tests for put_block_list and upload

  • Fix tests for content type (typo, = instead of .should ==)

  • Fix tests using RestClient.beautify_headers (expects an array, not a scalar)

v1.0.6 - (hermes.logicalbricks)

  • Update tests to rspec 2.5.0

  • Allow authorization using only SharedAccessSignature

v1.0.5 - (tomconte)

  • Fixed for list_blobs as it wasn't fully merged to 2009-09-19. Now it works without 403 exceptions

v1.0.3 - (Johnny Halife)

  • Merged with sriramk fix for loading path issues on some environments

v1.0.2 - (Johnny Halife)

  • Completed Blobs API migration to 2009-09-19, _fully supporting_ what third-party tools does (e.g. Cerebrata) [thanks percent20]

v1.0.1 - (Johnny halife)

  • Added syntax's sugar for ensuring a queue (get or create)

v1.0 - (Juan Pablo Garcia Dalolla)

  • Added support for table service to query, get_one, insert, update, merge and delete entities.

  • Added support for running against the Storage Developement Fabriq shipped with Microsoft SDK.

  • Added signature support for Tables service according to

  • Added support to enumerate, create, and delete tables on give storage account.

  • Improved support for stacked connection management.

v0.5.81 - (Johnny Halife)

  • When simulating a container using a forward slash starting the blob name it crashed with 404, now it's fixed.

v0.5.8 - (Johnny Halife)

v0.5.7 - (Johnny Halife)

  • Fixes a critical bug on URL management that some time prevents message from being deleted, caused by a missing encoding on the URL parameters.

v0.5.6 - (Johnny Halife)

  • Added signature support for 2009-09-19 Version of the Storage API

  • Queues API has been migrated to the 2009-09-19 Version of the Storage API

  • Added a new parameter for listing queues with metadata

  • Added support for DequeueCount on messages being retrieved from the Queue

  • <strong>Known Issue</strong>: Creating a queue multiple times with same metadata throws 409.

v0.5.5 - (Johnny Halife)

  • Added a Change Log

  • Added support for copy-blob [WAZ::Blobs::BlobObject.copy(“container/blob_name”)]

  • Refactored out the whole request logic to an execute method on the SharedKeyCoreService

  • Added transparent support for block management (users don't know if their blob is being uploaded chunked or not)

  • Added support for a blob to list its blocks

v0.5.4 - Sat Oct 17 19:35:48 2009 -0300 (Johnny Halife)

  • Fixed method name for String.start_with? (previously starts_with?)

v0.5.3 - Sat Oct 17 18:20:51 2009 -0300 (Johnny Halife)

  • Added the stack-based contextual connection handling (WAZ::Storage::Base.establish_connection {|block| }

  • Added string extensions for non rails environments (and work to work on heroku) String.starts_with?

v0.5.2 - Thu Oct 15 22:08:01 2009 -0300 (Johnny Halife)

  • Initial Version

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