Converts keys of maps to `snake_case`, useful as a plug to format params in the Phoenix connection pipeline
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An Elixir library that converts keys in maps between snake_case and camelCase.

Useful as a plug in Phoenix for converting incoming params from JavaScript's camelCase to Elixir's snake_case

Converts all keys in maps to snake case ProperCase.to_snake_case/1

Converts all keys in maps to camel case ProperCase.to_camel_case/1

Converts a string to snake case ProperCase.snake_case/1

Converts a string to camel case ProperCase.camel_case/1


API documentation is available at




# Before:
%{"user" => %{
    "firstName" => "Han",
    "lastName" => "Solo",
    "alliesInCombat" => [
      %{"name" => "Luke", "weaponOfChoice" => "lightsaber"},
      %{"name" => "Chewie", "weaponOfChoice" => "bowcaster"},
      %{"name" => "Leia", "weaponOfChoice" => "blaster"}

# After:
%{"user" => %{
    "first_name" => "Han",
    "last_name" => "Solo",
    "allies_in_combat" => [
      %{"name" => "Luke", "weapon_of_choice" => "lightsaber"},
      %{"name" => "Chewie", "weapon_of_choice" => "bowcaster"},
      %{"name" => "Leia", "weapon_of_choice" => "blaster"}

Using as a plug in Phoenix

ProperCase is extremely useful as a part of your connection pipeline, converting incoming params from JavaScript's camelCase to Elixir's snake_case

Plug it into your router.ex connection pipeline like so:

  pipeline :api do
    plug :accepts, ["json"]
    plug ProperCase.Plug.SnakeCaseParams

camelCase before encoding json in Phoenix

Set Phoenix's json encoder in config/config.exs. This way, ProperCase will camelCase your data before encoding to JSON:

config :phoenix, :format_encoders, json: ProperCase.JSONEncoder.CamelCase

Custom data transform before encoding with Phoenix

To ensure that outgoing params are converted to camelCase, define a custom JSON encoder that runs a transform before encoding to json.

def MyApp.CustomJSONEncoder do
  use ProperCase.JSONEncoder,
  transform: &ProperCase.to_camel_case/1,
  json_encoder: Jason  # optional, to use Jason instead of Poison


config :phoenix, :format_encoders, json: MyApp.CustomJSONEncoder


ProperCase is available on, and can be installed as:

  1. Add proper_case to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:
        def deps do
          [{:proper_case, "~> 1.0.2"}]
  1. For Elixir versions < 1.5: ensure proper_case is started before your application:
        def application do
          [applications: [:proper_case]]