Kamstrup Meter Protocol (KMP) implementation
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This is a TCP/IP enabled version of PHK's original PyKamstrup,
if you are looking for the ConPot source you can find it at: https://github.com/glastopf/conpot


This is an implementation of the Kamstrup Meter Protocol (KMP) based
on reverse engineering of a traffic dump.

There is very little information about this protocol on the net, and
despite calling it an "open protocol", Kamstrup has not wanted to
release the documentation for it to me.

Thanks to Erik Jensen for details about units and exponents.

Tested on a Kamstrup 382J electricity-meter using a home-built
optical head.



PS: Sample output:

Energy in                 6753.0 kWh
Energy out                0.0 kWh
Energy in hi-res          6753.3242 kWh
Energy out hi-res         0.0 kWh
Voltage p1                229.0 V
Voltage p2                227.0 V
Voltage p3                229.0 V
Current p1                5.41 A
Current p2                2.12 A
Current p3                3.07 A
Power p1                  0.976 kW
Power p2                  0.475 kW
Power p3                  0.595 kW