Observability plugin to track and gain insights on requests to your Craft CMS site
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Outpost is a debug plugin for Craft CMS. It provides instruments to track and gain insights into requests, exceptions, events and logs.


  • Craft CMS 3.x


$ composer require johnnynotsolucky/outpost
$ ./craft install/plugin outpost


  • Advanced request logging
  • Request sampling
  • Exception stacktraces
  • Profiling
  • Configurable


  • Include Control Panel Requests - Track Craft Control Panel requests.
  • Automatic Purge Storage Limit - The amount of requests to store in the database. Setting to zero disables purging older requests.
  • Request Sampling - Only track roughly 5% of incoming requests. Uses whichever cache provider has been configured for Craft. Sampling occurs per unique URL, request method and response code. Request sampling should be enabled if you intend to use this plugin on a production site.
  • Minimum Log Level - Minimum log level to store for all requests.
  • Minimum Log Level for Exceptions - When an exception is tracked, increase the log output.
  • View Grouped Items - When available, group similar tracked items, e.g. Exceptions by exception class.


If you intend on using this plugin on a production site, it is recommended that automatic purges are disabled, and to instead setup a cronjob.

Using the Control Panel

In Outpost settings, all tracked requests and related data can be cleared with the "Purge Requests" button.

Using a Terminal

Purge all requests

$ ./craft outpost/purge

Purge old requests

Retains the latest 100 requests:

$ ./craft outpost/purge --keep 100

Retains the latest 1000 requests:

$ ./craft outpost/purge -k 1000