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Well, this is going to be my first Rails project. I am creating a site for a Local Reno Plumber and I hope that I will be able to create something special utilizing Ruby on Rails.

My experience with Rails is not nearly extensive as my experience in working with plumbers near me. For some reason, I personally know almost every plumber in the Reno area. And that includes plumbers in Sparks Nevada and in Incline Village Nevada.

So, back to the technical side. Normally, I would build a site for a local Sparks Plumber in Wordpress. But I really want to test the ability for a Ruby on Rails site to index and rank in the search engines. I have been very fortunate to rank some amazing sites and even in tough categories, but Plumbers Reno seems to be the hardest phrase that I've ever had to rank for.

Plumbers Reno - the importance of the phrase

I've been working with my local plumber in Reno for several months and I've gotten him a ton of leads. But mostly from Adwords. And, with adwords, I've learned that the two most important phrases to rank for are Plumbers Reno and Plumbers Sparks.

Knowing the importance of those two phrases has made it easy for me to concentrate on how to get this ranking done.

Paschall Plumbing Reno NV

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