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Commits on Nov 27, 2011
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
  1. @jlaffaye

    Bump Go packages for the new Go release.

    jlaffaye authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  2. @jlaffaye

    - Update go to 20111017 (r60.3)

    jlaffaye authored
    - Install the lib folder to fix goinstall [1]
    Reported by:	Andy Kosela <> [1]
    PR:		ports/162621
    Feature safe:	yes
  3. (Attempt to) fix build WITH_ALL_TARGETS on < 9.x/i386

    nox authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  4. . Update the build and install targets used to the current recommenda…

    glewis authored
      Fixes installation of plugins by a user.
    Submitted by:	tg@
    Confirmed by:	Ronald Klop <>
    Feature safe:	yes
  5. Update to the 20111119 snapshot of GCC 4.7.0 which brings support

    gerald authored
    for transactional memory on i386, amd64 and alpha.
    We handle the corresponding info file inclusively by listing all
    supported architecture and move the libquadmath info file to the
    same schema.
    Feature safe:	yes
  6. - Mark BROKEN: does not compile

    pav authored
      fract4d/c/imageIO.cpp:191:21: error: jpeglib.h: No such file or directory
    Reported by:	pointyhat
    Feature safe:	yes
  7. @miwi-fbsd

    - Update to 0.6.17

    miwi-fbsd authored
    PR:		162886
    Submitted by:	Jase Thew <> (maintainer)
    Feature safe:	yes
  8. @tota

    - Update to 5.08-011

    tota authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  9. Update to the 20111125 snapshot of GCC 4.6.3. This now builds on

    gerald authored
    FreeBSD 10 without problems and any additional tweaks.
    Feature safe:	yes
  10. Security and bugfix update to 3.4.8-rc1

    dougb authored
    "Welcome to the first release candidate for phpMyAdmin 3.4.8, a bugfix
    release with minor security corrections.
    Please refer to the upcoming PMASA-2011-18 announcement on
    Marc Delisle, for the team"
    Welcome to the first release candidate for phpMyAdmin 3.4.8, a bugfix
    release with minor security corrections. (not yet released)
    - bug #3425230 [interface] enum data split at space char (more space to
    - bug #3426840 [interface] ENUM/SET editor can't handle commas in values
    - bug #3427256 [interface] no links to browse/empty views and tables
    - bug #3430377 [interface] Deleted search results remain visible
    - bug #3428627 [import] ODS import ignores memory limits
    - bug #3426836 [interface] Visual column separation
    - bug #3428065 [parser] TRUE not recognized by parser
    + patch #3433770 [config] Make location of php-gettext configurable
    - patch #3430291 [import] Handle conflicts in some open_basedir situations
    - bug #3431427 [display] Dropdown results - setting NULL does not work
    - patch #3428764 [edit] Inline edit on multi-server configuration
    - patch #3437354 [core] Notice: Array to string conversion in PHP 5.4
    - [interface] When ShowTooltipAliasTB is true, VIEW is wrongly shown as the
      view name in main panel db Structure page
    - bug #3439292 [core] Fail to synchronize column with name of keyword
    - bug #3425156 [interface] Add column after drop
    - [interface] Avoid showing the password in phpinfo()'s output
    - bug #3441572 [GUI] 'newer version of phpMyAdmin' message not shown in IE8
    - bug #3407235 [interface] Entering the key through a lookup window does not
      reset NULL
    - [security] Self-XSS on database names (Synchronize), see PMASA-2011-18
    - [security] Self-XSS on database names (Operations/rename), see PMASA-2011-18
    - [security] Self-XSS on column type (Create index), see PMASA-2011-18
    - [security] Self-XSS on column type (table Search), see PMASA-2011-18
    - [security] Self-XSS on invalid query (table overview), see PMASA-2011-18
    PR:		ports/162873
    Submitted by:	Matthew Seaman <> (maintainer)
    Feature safe:	yes
  11. @kuriyama

    - Upgrade to 2.2.3.

    kuriyama authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  12. @kuriyama

    - Upgrade to 0.13.

    kuriyama authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  13. - fix assertion on some JPEG2000 pictures encoded in (RGBA)

    dinoex authored
    PR:		162812
    Sumbitted by:	Sebastian Klemke
    Obtained from:	Debian, Mathew Eis
    Feature safe:	yes
  14. update to

    bf authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  15. - Update to 1.1.0

    sanpei authored
    - Use GNU MASTER_SITES macro
    PR:	ports/162617
    Feature safe:	yes
  16. - Update to 1.12

    tabthorpe authored
    PR:		ports/162797
    Submitted by:	maintainer
    Feature safe:	yes
  17. - Force commit to note correct PR

    tabthorpe authored
    PR:		ports/162796
    Feature safe:	yes
  18. - Update to 3.1

    tabthorpe authored
    PR:		ports/153573
    Submitted by:	maintainer
    Feature safe:	yes
  19. @kuriyama

    - Upgrade to 0.10.

    kuriyama authored
    Feature safe:	yes
  20. - Update to 0.09

    sunpoet authored
  21. - Update to 0.2102

    sunpoet authored
  22. Fix PORTVERSION/PORTREVISION messup. The previous commit broke the po…

    mandree authored
    …rt and
    made the ports framework IGNORE it due to the underscore in PORTVERSION.
    Approved by: bapt@ (maintainer, on IRC)
    Feature safe: yes
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
  1. @pgj

    - Update to 0.10

    pgj authored
    PR:		ports/162733
    Submitted by:	Armin Pirkovitsch <>
    Obtained from:	FreeBSD Haskell
    Feature safe:	yes
  2. @bapt

    install the configuration file as abcde.conf.sample to avoid overwrit…

    bapt authored
    …ing it on each upgrade
    Sugested by:	Jim Long <> (private mail)
    Feature safe:	yes
  3. Make small changes to three option descriptions, to avoid creating th…

    bf authored
    …e false
    impression that no additional configuration is needed to use the features
    mentioned in the descriptions
    Approved by:	F. Keil (maintainer)
    Feature safe:	yes
  4. - Respect CFLAGS [1]

    nox authored
    - Fix build with clang (I thought I did this already...)
    PR:		ports/162864 [1]
    Submitted by:	Jan Beich <> [1]
    Feature safe:	yes
  5. @miwi-fbsd

    The PHP WebDAV extension

    miwi-fbsd authored
    PR:		ports/160207
    Submitted by:	Valery Komarov <>
    Feature safe: 	yes
  6. @rakuco

    Update to 0.8.1.

    rakuco authored
    Approved by:	avilla (mentor, implicit)
    Feature safe:	yes
  7. @miwi-fbsd

    - Fix a typo

    miwi-fbsd authored
    PR:		161569
    Submitted by:	maintainer
    Feature safe:	yes
  8. @miwi-fbsd

    Django Compressor combines and compresses linked and

    miwi-fbsd authored
    inline Javascript or CSS in a Django templates into
    cacheable static files by using the compress template tag.
    PR:		ports/159083
    Submitted by:	Lung-Pin Chang <>
    Feature safe: 	yes
  9. @miwi-fbsd

    Port for libk8055 to provide support for the Velleman K8055 USB

    miwi-fbsd authored
    Experiment Board. Package also include k8055 command line tool.
    PR:		ports/161440
    Submitted by:	Jake Smith <>
    Feature safe:	yes
  10. @miwi-fbsd

    - Fix build with GCC 4.6

    miwi-fbsd authored
    PR:		162377
    Submitted by:	Yuri Karaban <>
    Approved by:	maintainer
    Feature safe:	yes
  11. @miwi-fbsd

    - Update to 1.8.4

    miwi-fbsd authored
    PR:		162395
    Submitted by:	Barbara <>
    Approved by:	maintainer
    Feature safe:	yes
  12. @miwi-fbsd

    - Make it work for firefox 8 and above

    miwi-fbsd authored
    PR:		162449
    Submitted by:	Barbara <>
    Approved by:	mainainer
    Feature safe:	yes
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