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GitHub Actions for yarn with support for lerna
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GitHub Action for Yarn and Lerna

This Action is a light wrapper around yarn and lerna. It uses the circleci/node:10 image because it has git as a dependency which lerna needs.


workflow "Publish to npm" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["johno/actions-yarn@master-1"]

action "Filters for GitHub Actions" {
  uses = "actions/bin/filter@b2bea07"
  args = "branch master"

action "johno/actions-yarn@master" {
  uses = "johno/actions-yarn@master"
  needs = ["Filters for GitHub Actions"]
  args = "install"

action "johno/actions-yarn@master-1" {
  uses = "johno/actions-yarn@master"
  needs = ["johno/actions-yarn@master"]
  secrets = ["NPM_AUTH_TOKEN", "GITHUB_TOKEN"]
  args = "publish:ci"


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