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Get the contrast ratio and WCAG score between common css color types in order to ensure accessibility
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get-contrast Build Status

Get the contrast ratio and WCAG score between common CSS color types. This also includes an is accessible method that returns a boolean value based on W3C Accessibility Standards.

It has the ability to handle rgb, rgba, hex, hsl, hsla, and named CSS colors.


npm i --save get-contrast


var contrast = require('get-contrast')

contrast.ratio('#fafafa', 'rgba(0,0,0,.75)') // => 10
contrast.score('#fafafa', 'rgba(0,0,0,.75)') // => 'AAA'
contrast.isAccessible('#fafafa', 'rgba(0,0,0,.75)') // => true
contrast.isAccessible('#fafafa', '#fff') // => false
contrast.score('rebeccapurple', 'tomato') // => 'F'


  • ignoreAlpha (default: false) - Don't raise an error when transparent values are passed (rgba(0, 0, 0, 0))


This module includes a command line interface contrast.

$ npm i get-contrast -g
$ contrast "#000" "#fff"
Ratio: 21
Score: AAA
# The second parameter defaults to #fff
$ contrast white
Ratio: 1
Score: F
The contrast is not accessible.
# Contrast will exit with an error code, when the values are not accessible.
$ contrast "#ff0" "#fff" && ./
Ratio: 1.0738392309265699
Score: F
The contrast is not accessible.


Uses the following packages:

Inspired by:




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Crafted with <3 by John Otander (@4lpine).

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