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A Streamdeck plugin for Keyboard Maestro integration
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StreamDeck <-> Keyboard Maestro

A Streamdeck plugin for Keyboard Maestro integration

This is not redistributable, since Python relies on some libraries

Below is a VERY basic getting started

NOTE: feel free to create an issue if you have specific questions. As always you can create a pull request to improve things... I really would love community help.


python 3.6+
Tested on macOS 10.14.4

Plugin Installation Instructions

  1. Quit the StreamDeck app
  2. Download the source (here)
  3. Copy or link the folder com.myhdbox.keyboard_maestro.sdPlugin to ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.elgato.StreamDeck/Plugins

Plugin Configuration Instructions

  1. Create a python3 virtual environment for your plugin(s)
    python3 -m venv streamdeck_venv
  2. Activate
    source streamdeck_venv/bin/activate
  3. Upgrade pip
    pip install --upgrade pip
  4. Install websocket-client
    pip install websocket-client
  5. Modify the first line of to point to your virtual environment's python
  6. Look over the manifest.json file to make sure it's configured to your liking
  7. Modify the two variables plugin_dir and log_filename towards the top of to match your locations
  8. Restart the StreamDeck app


You may see an access control warning the first time you click on the button on your StreamDeck asking for permission to control Keyboard Maestro via AppleScripts. Say 'OK'

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