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MiHome is an open source environmental sensor. It was designed to provide students and researchers a cheap and reliable data platform. Users have the option of building the platform on top of the Particle IoT platform or build their own with Arduino’s.
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Mi Home

MiHome is a open source environmental sensors platform. It was design to provide students and researchers an cheap and reliable data source. User have the options of reply on the Particle IoT platform or build there own with Arduino’s. For more information on the Internet of Things please visit here. The Particle IoT platform is an easy way of to be introduced to the world on IoT. It's simple. Connected one of their interent able devices into an array of sensors and or hardware. Programming some firmware with their online IDE and there you go, you successfully have a IoT device running. This approach is one of the way Mi Home better fast and reliable data to it's users. The most currently version of the Mi Home system does not use the Particle IoT platform but uses the ESP8266 Wifi module which happens to Arduino compatible. The setup goes like this. The Hub contains the ESP8266 Wifi module and a 915MHz radio transceiver. The nodes contains all the sensor equipment which is packaged with an Arduino Nano and the same 915MHz radio transceivers.

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