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A view extension for Dynamo.

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If you appreciate the work put into this free package, please vote in support of it on Dynamo's package manager.

If you feel so inclined, here is a method to donate to this project

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This code is licensed primarily under BSD 3-Clause with a Commons Clause License attached to that.

Current Version

Monocle is currently built against the latest Dynamo stable build. At this time that is 2.12.0. However, monocle has been tested for Dynamo 2.0.3 - 2.13.0.

Known Issues

  • When installing from the package manager for the first time, you may need to restart Dynamo.


This package is primarily managed by the author of, ParallaxTeam and by People Like You™.


Since there is not currently an update notification process on Dynamo's package manager, I post notifications for updates on twitter.

Additionally, updates come through in the extension menu now!

Help improve Monocle

If you're interested in contributing to Monocle, just submit a pull request or a feature request .

If submitting a pull request, keep in mind the monocle style guide below.

monocle style guide

style guide


Monocle is available through Dynamo's built-in package manager. This provides the simplest installation for most users. If you are interested in manual install, there are some fabulous resources out there describing how to build your own Dynamo package.

Thank you!