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📢 Latest Announcements

View3d.SetSectionBox and View.SetCropBox have been removed. These nodes were becoming too difficult to support due to persistent dynamo issues with bounding boxes.


A collection of custom nodes for Dynamo.

Maintenance GitHub license

If you appreciate the work put into this free package, please vote in support of it on Dynamo's package manager.

If you feel so inclined, here is a method to donate to this open source project

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Current Version

Rhythm is currently built against the latest Dynamo stable build. At this time that is 2.6.0.


Rhythm consists of several sub-libraries. These are describe a bit more in detail below.

  • Rhythm Core, General methods and helpers with no reliance on Revit.
  • Rhythm Revit, All the Revit nodes that work from 2019-2023
  • Rhythm UI, Revit UI Nodes.
  • Rhythm View Extension, this view extension allows for the auto-annotating of Rhythm nodes and control of the run mode when the user places Background Document nodes.
  • Rhythm Python, Python code for many of the popular Rhythm nodes. if you want to hurt my feelings and not use the Rhythm package 🥺

Known Issues

  • Nodes that interact with background opened documents take some more consideration. This includes running Dynamo graphs that use them in manual run mode and often times closing and opening dynamo after the process is complete. The reason this happens is Dynamo has limited document switching capability and we are exploiting this with those nodes. (Included Nodes: Applications.OpenDocumentFile, Applications.CloseDocument)


This package is primarily managed by the author of with additional contributions from People Like You™.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jetbrains for supplying an open-source license of Resharper for this library. More info about Jetbrains Open-Source & Resharper can be found here.


Since there is not currently an update notification process on Dynamo's package manager, I post notifications for updates on twitter.


Examples will be available on the wiki soon,

Help improve Rhythm

If you're interested in contributing to Rhythm, just submit a pull request.


Rhythm is available through Dynamo's built-in package manager. This provides the simplest installation for most users. If you are interested in manual install, there are some fabulous resources out there describing how to build your own Dynamo package.

Thank you!

What is with all the removals of DYFs?!!

With Dynamo 2.0 comes a fundamental file format change that makes anything that is a DYF or DYN (the filetypes that Dynamo uses) not backward compatible. This forced me to choose between two options. Option 1: Have 2 versions of Rhythm for each major version of Dynamo, eg. “Rhythm for Dynamo 1.x” and “Rhythm for Dynamo 2.x”. Option2: Continue my long term goals of migrating Rhythm to be fully “Zero Touch” c# code. I went with option 2 as it provides a more stable product and further compatibility.