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Advanced mapping extension for Joomla CMS

Current Build 1.2.7

Fixes Google API access issue. All Google services now require an API key.

Build 1.2.6

Adds language entry for "Find out more". Fixes issue with the Geocoder Tool not loading on the maps page in the administrator over https. Fixes spelling error "Suburn or Postal code" as default search text. Fixes unclosed

    tags when sidebars are placed at the top or bottom of the map.

    Build 1.2.5

    Fixes a bug where unpublished and trashed location types and legends would still be displayed. Adds maximum zoom to global configuration and map configuration options. Fixes a bug where a quotation mark in a location title would break the front end javascript.

    Build 1.2.4

    Change to focalpoint.xml enables a field for KML file storage for a new plugin in the works.

    Build 1.2.3

    Allows the Google Maps API to load over https. Fixes an issue where custom fields can be defined without a name. Fixes issues where notices and warnings were being generated when custom field details were changed and conflicted with previously saved location data.

    Build 1.2.2

    Change to the administrator's location form so the description field reads filters as per the Global Configuration settings.

    Build 1.2.1

    Minor fix to default map template

    Build: 1.2

    Started as a bug fix release but grew to include new features. Added the option to display the map or list view in the first tab. It's in the global configuration and can be overridden in the map settings. Fix language issues. All english text hard coded in the template files has been replaced with language declarations and can be overridden with language files in the normal way. Custom field options now include Select Boxes and Multi Select Boxes. Better, more refined icon pins and cluster icons. The infobox "Find out more" link can now link to a menu item. Removed the ability to change the name of a custom field once it has been saved. This was causing issues with data being lost when the custom field name was altered. Fixed missing div in sidebar sub-template. Custom fields are now accessible in the map view. Previously they were only available in the locations view. A note has been added to the default template files. Custom field values can now be displayed in location descriptions and infoboxes by wrapping the custom field name in curly brakets. ie {your-custom-field}. This will be extended in 1.3 with the ability to define an infobox template.

    Build: 1.1

    Added support for plugins and modules. Main component will be free with additional functionality provided by the way of commercial plugins.

    Build: 1.0.2

    Fixed minor layout issue with Get Directions form with some templates. Added custom image layout template to front end view. Fixed layout issue with custom image field in admin location view. Fixed issue caused by conflict with custom textareas and new class in Joomla3.3 validation.js Fixed issue with popup staying on screen after a map tab has been deleted. Added missing language file definitions Fixed drop down filter fields on location and map views showing duplicate "-- Select --" in first 2 rows. Added icons to titles in all admin views.

    Build: 1.0.1 Fixed minor bugs and language file omissions.

    Build: 1.0

    Soon to be published and offered for sale. http://joomlamaps.com. Development started on J2.5 in May 2013. Migrated to J3.2 March 2014.

    Build 1.0

    Stable version for first release. Contains a lot of bug fixes and layout tweaks.

    Build: 0.9.2 beta

    Added modal geocoding tool to location pages. Lots of tweaks and bug fixes. New layout on location page and 'back to map' button added.

    Build: 0.9.1 beta

    A mountain of tweaks and bug fixes to both the backend and frontend. Also added a modal geocoding tool to the map page. Will consider the same tool for the location page so users can finetune the placement of the pin on the map.

    Build: 0.9 beta

    This build adds a getting started walk through on installation. Few bug fixes and tweaks.

    Build: 0.8.2 beta

    This build adds 'Get Directions' to the location view and options to load bootstrap if it's not present. Also cleaned up much of the front end code.

    Build: 0.8.1 beta

    This build fixes a few issues and bugs and adds some small layout changes to the backend. Finally the Javascript to search,filter and display a list view seems completely stable.

    Build: 0.8 beta This build adds;

    Location List View Fully functional list view that works with the new search feature and legend toggles. Can be disabled/enabled via the admin.

    Suburb/Postcode Search Ajax Map Search uses Googles Geocoding API to find and zoom the map to the desired location. Shows/hides locations based on distances from the search result. The distance and map zoom level is configurable via the admin. Search can be disabled via the admin.