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See and share how web pages look at different screen sizes
-*by [@johnpolacek](*
+*by [@johnpolacek](*
With [Responsivator!](, you can paste in any page and see how it looks at various screen resolutions.
Now, say you want to share this page. Just copy the link from the share field and send. If you want to hide the header & controls, just check the box and you will be able to send a link that is nice and clean with just the frames.
Responsivator! is built upon fine work done by others like <a href="">Matt Kersley</a>, <a href="">Benjamin Keen</a> and <a href="">lensco</a>.
-Responsivator! also uses 2 jQuery plugins, also created by [@johnpolacek]( - jQuery Framer and [jQuery Configurator]( - so be sure to check those out too.
+Responsivator! also uses 2 jQuery plugins, also created by [@johnpolacek]( - [jQuery Framer]( and [jQuery Configurator]( - so check those out too.

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