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#Simple Grid Generator (SASS)

A SASS grid generator for creating responsive grids with some nice features. View an example at


####Easy to Use

@import 'grid.generator.scss';
@include gridGenerator();

####Set Your Columns Switch to a 18-column or 24-column grid instead.

@include gridGenerator(18);

####Breakpoints and Breakpoint Prefixes Change the breakpoints, or add in more. Name the prefixes whatever you like xs-, xl-, etc. If you prefer, set ems for your breakpoints.

@include gridGenerator(
    (0, 20em, 30em, 60em, 80em),

Breakpoint prefixing allows for markup that sets a default grid width, then overrides at different screen widths.

<div class="grid-3 m-grid-6 s-grid-12">
	In a 12-column grid, this translates to: 
		- Quarter width by default
		- Half width at the medium breakpoint
		- Full width at the small breakpoint

####Spacing Helpers For quick, easy layouts, set custom utility classes to set consistent padding and margin on all your elements.

@include gridGenerator(
    (0, 480px, 800px),
    $spaceUnits: (.5em,1em,2em)

In your HTML:

<div class="pad-2 m-pad-1 s-pad-0">
<div class="pad-bottom-4 marg-bottom-2">
<div class="pad-vertical-1 pad-sides-2">

You can use responsive breakpoint prefixing on these as well.

<div class="pad-sides-2 s-pad-sides-1">

Or don’t use any spacing helpers, if you prefer.

@include gridGenerator(
    (0, 480px, 800px),
    $spaceUnits: false

##License Author & copyright (c) 2015: John Polacek, Dual MIT & GPL license