follow up question on issue #68, getting TweenMax.staggerFrom to work. #153

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I got part of solution from #68

I have 5 svgs that needed to be animated one after another. Toptree being the first to animate when scroll into position. Svg are layout horizontally, other than Toptree, all other animation triggers with delay after Toptree is shown, not dependent to scroll.

Current code:
var controller = $.superscrollorama();
// categories panel fade in sequence//
var staggerTween = new TimelineMax();
var Toptree = document.getElementById("Toptree");
var Secondlayer = document.getElementById("Secondlayer");
var Thirdlayer = document.getElementById("Thirdlayer");
var Fourthlayer = document.getElementById("Fourthlayer");
var highlight = document.getElementById("highlight");
var catelayers=[Toptree, Secondlayer, Thirdlayer, Fourthlayer, highlight];

        staggerTween.append(TweenMax.staggerFrom(catelayers, 1, {css:{opacity: 0}}, 0.25),0.5,0);

        controller.addTween(catelayers, staggerTween);
        controller.addTween(Toptree, TweenMax.from(Toptree, 0.5, {css:{opacity: 0}, ease:Quad.easeInOut},0.1),0.5,0);

I received two "Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Array] has no method 'offset' ".

How can I fix it?


janpaepke commented Feb 17, 2014


The first parameter for "addTween is always the trigger.
catelayers is an array and thus doesn't work as a trigger.
Try controller.addTween(Toptree, staggerTween); instead.


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