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Trouble with Mobile Superscrollerama #158

ghost opened this Issue Feb 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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ghost commented Feb 21, 2014

If you go here:

I have been taking the mobile test page for superscrollorama as a model to get this to work on mobile devices. I want the animations to sync with the scroll like your page does. As far as I can tell I have made all the needed changes.

I added the extra scripts, the extra div, the additional js...I can seem to figure out why it isn't working. On top of that I keep getting this error:

TypeError: $.superscrollorama is not a function

I initiate the plugin, and jQuery is initiated way not sure what the deal is..

I changed the path to be the version if jQuery on my server.

Any help is appreciated. By the way, I'm trying to get my bearings on it, but I plan to use this plugin for many projects in the future! Thanks for a great FREE plugin.


Hi @mdfonda:

Well the problem is that the superscrollorama file isnt properly loaded.
In your code on line 19 you try to load it from:

That's a dead link. :)

So there's your problem.

On another note:
If you plan for future projects and especially if you wan to work with mobile compatibility, I STRONGLY suggest to have a look at ScrollMagic.

ScrollMagic is the successor to superscrollorama, built new from the ground up with a lot of new stuff.
It's currently close to release state (The only thing missing is a minified version and a project home page).
So have a look at the examples and the documentation and maybe you find it's far easier to use and more flexible.

best regards,

ghost commented Feb 24, 2014

Oh geez, thanks. That's a rookie mistake. I had the minified version in there and I guess I didn't change the script link. OK, I fixed that. I'm still having an issue with the mobile scrolling working though. I am testing on an iPad and it still has that issue where you scroll and the animations wont load with the scroll but rather after you release it.

I will definitely check out Scroll Magic for future projects. Again, I appreciate the time and help you provide here.

@janpaepke janpaepke closed this Feb 28, 2014
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