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Love the plugin but found an issue,

When scrolling with the mouse wheel everything works fine. But when using the browser scrolling bar the "sliding it"/"wipe it" section doesn't work as it should. The "wiping it" screen jumps on before the "sliding it" screen, totally skipping the "sliding it" section. I have found this issue is only present in Firefox (my current version 16.0) and IE 10(win 7), IE 9, IE 8. This can be replicated on your live site.


Hi Aston and thank you for your message.
The reason for this phenomenon I believe to be the following:
It stop's working at the PIN IT section, when using the scrollbar.
In the current version of superscrollorama we introduced a new variable "pushFollowers" for pins, that defaults to true, reflecting the previous behaviour.
When superscrollorama reaches a point where something needs to be pinned a spacer is expanded to "push down" following elements. This results in a change of the scale of the scrollbar.
You can observe this by looking at the scrollbar's size, when scrolling down using the mouswheel.
This change in scale, when reaching the pin-point results in a jump, as you are dragging the scrollbar.

I already talked with John about a solution to this. To my mind the solution would be that the spacer should be expanded right from the beginning for pinned elements that "push" followers.
The reason we didn't implement this is that is rather complicated.
First of all the spacer size changes, depending wether it should include the pinned element's size (when pinned) or not (when pinned). Secondly the spacer's position within the dom must change. (after the pin element, when before pinning, before the pin element after pinning.) And this in turn raises another issue as the spacer is also used to "remember" the original position of the pinned element.

You see we are aware of this issue and are considering how to resolve it. A solution could be to add another spacer after the pinned element, but we'd like to avoid adding elements to the dom if it's possible.

For now you can avoid this "bug" by setting "pushFollowers" to false and adding a large enough container after the pinned element. This way the body size doesn't change and you avoid the bug alltogether.



I noticed this also, and for my project we were using parallax layers ( another plugin, not superscrollorama parallax )

because the layers are fixed position, my pinned element was free to flow behind the next layer as it is being parallax'd over the pin. This made for a very nice effect, without increased scroll bar sizes.


Hi Jan thanks for feedback, great help!

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Good news, everyone! :)

A solution might be near! Check it out: #94


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