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Cannot place 2 animations on a page?? #31

bradbrad opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi there,

Firstly, I LOVE your plugin and think it is unbelievably brilliant! Im just really battling to get it to work!

If you look at (its still in development so please dont be too harsh :) ), I was able to get the About us / Testimonails to work as intended, however, the parralax wont work, neither will the other sections... I've tried everything and really dont have any idea where Im going wrong! Here is my index.php file of my template Any help/advice on how to get all the instances working would be very greatly appreciated!!!


Hi Brad,

On my console there's an error showing up on line 1931:
-> var sw = splash.getStyle('width').toInt();

The line before you define splash to be var splash = $('jxtc51572c046130fspop');
I think you meant to write var splash = $('#jxtc51572c046130fspop');

There are several more errors popping up for showcaseFX.js.

These errors might interfere with the code execution and prevent the scrolloramacode to be executed alltogether.
please try to get rid of all errors and if it still doesn't work I'll have a look again.
I suggest you use chrome and look at the javascript console. (View -> developers -> javascript console)


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