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Important Note This example app uses Dart 1. If you are just getting started with Dart, you are likely using Dart 2 by now, and you won't be able to run the web app. If you would like to contribute to upgrading the polymer app to AngularDart please feel free to let me know!


LetsVote demonstrates how code can be shared across web, mobile, and the server. Check out the blog post for more detail.

It uses Flutter for iOS / Android, Polymer for the web, and shelf on the server

How to run

Use pub to run the web app:

cd letsvote_web
pub serve

Use flutter to run the mobile app:

cd letsvote_mobile
flutter run

Use dart to run the web server:

cd letsvote_web
pub run bin/server.dart


To configure the web server each app points to:

Web: Use letsvote_web/web/config.yaml

Flutter: Use letsvote_mobile/config.yaml to configure what server the web connects to.

IntellJ multi-module setup

It is convenient to have a single project that contains each sub-project as a module.

  1. open project settings (cmd+;)
  2. open "Modules" page
  3. remove the exisiting module
  4. click "+" and select letsvote_mobile.iml file
  5. click "+" and select letsvote_web.iml file
  6. click "+" and select letsvote_server.iml file

After Step 3 Intellij will need the Flutter SDK to be set again. Go to Preferences (cmd+,) and re-select your flutter SDK path


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