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# Set server_ip to "guess" if you want the app to try to figure it out, otherwise
# set an IP
server_ip = guess
server_port = 8181
load_file = true
load_indigo = false
load_domoticz = false
base_url =
username = <username>
password = <password>
base_url = http://domoticz.local:8080
# userame/password are not supported at this time
username = <not supprted>
password = <not supprted>
# All inclusion and exclusion settings are optional
# Use inclusions to speciy specific device names to include
inclusions = "Kitchen Sink Lights", "Media Fan", "Media Fan Light", "office-lamp", "Front Door Lock"
# Use inclusion_keywords to include any device containing that specific word (no quotes)
inclusion_keywords = Light,Fan,Lock,Switch
# Exclusions take precedence over inclusions.
# Use exclusions to specify specific device names to exclude
exclusions = "Garage Door Full", "thing thing 2"
# Use exclusion_keywords to exclude any device that contains that specific word (no quotes)
exclusion_keywords = Test,Temp,Hum
[#Test Device]
# Disable file-defined devices by prefixing them with a #
# control = url is required at the moment
control = url
on =
off =
dim ={dim}&dodimming=1
[#Another test device]
control = url
on =
off =
dim ={dim}&dodimming=1