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☐ New case study (Capital One Vision Day 2013) Here's the link to the case study PSD:
☐ Remove case study (Capital one Vision Day 2011)
☐ • Remove/hide and it's relevant image/link from the work page (
☐ Make Astellas SMM2013 case study live You've already built this (
☐ Make Allergan case study live You've already built this
☐ Update Work page to correspond with the above actions • Here's the link to the psd... (note we're still not making the Kelloggs case study live - so hide the image with the cereal bowls for now mate.)
☐ • 'Great is putting your vision to the ultimate test' - links to Capital One Vision Day 2013
☐ • 'Great is making an impact' - links to Allergan case study
☐ • 'Great is making destiny' links to Astellas SMM2013
☐ • Add before 'spoons' visual' (link to new Capital One 2013 case study)
☐ • Add after image above (link to
☐ meta 'We create engaging communications that ensure your audience are inspired to do great things'.
☐ meta description • Can you add the following meta keywords to each page: 'Live Communication Agency', 'Live Communications Agency' and 'Greater Communications'
☐ Twitter feed • I notice our twitter feed is no longer working, is this because Twitter have changed their API again and a phasing out allowing websites to feed in tweets?