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+# GithubFogbugz configuration file
+# ================================
+# Setup your github-fogbugz integration through this configuration file.
+# The URL to the cvsSubmit.[php|asp] file on your server. This is to add the list of changed files to the cases.
fb_submit_url: ""
+# The URL to the root of your FogBugz installation.
fb_main_url: ""
+# The path to the Curl binary. Curl is used because of issues with SSL in Ruby's libraries.
curl: "/usr/bin/curl"
+# A list of repositories that are known to your FogBugz installation.
+# Each repository is identified by a name and has 2 values: log_url and diff_url.
+# The repository's name must match the value given in the sRepos field of your FogBugz installation.
+# See the FogBugz section in README.markdown for the details of how to setup your urls.
+# The examples below will get you started.
log_url: "^FILE?rev=1.1&view=log"

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