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@@ -212,6 +212,8 @@ that surrounds the filtered text with `<style>` and CDATA tags.
According to [this bug report](,
this should make Haml work better with Bundler.
+* Make the error message for `- end` a little more intuitive based on user feedback.
## 2.2.20
[Tagged on GitHub](
@@ -245,11 +245,12 @@ def process_line(text, index)
return start_haml_comment if text[1] == SILENT_COMMENT
raise<<END.rstrip, index) if text[1..-1].strip == "end"
-You don't need to use "- end" in Haml. Use indentation instead:
+You don't need to use "- end" in Haml. Un-indent to close a block:
- if foo?
%strong Foo!
- else
Not foo.
+%p This line is un-indented, so it isn't part of the "if" block
push_silent(text[1..-1], true)

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