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Gradle Processes Plugin - Create and manage forked processes.

This Gradle plugin provides the capability to create forked processes from a Gradle build. It's primary goal is to bolster the built in capabilities of Gradle which allow for processing forking only in a synchronous manner.

Compatibility Notes

This updated version of the plugin is tested against Gradle versions 4.5 onwards (final versions only).

Due to internal gradle API changes (some of which this plugin uses) you have to use the older version 0.3.0 of the plugin on gradle version < 4.5!

How To Use

Starting from gradle 4.5: Apply the plugin to your Gradle build:

plugins {
    id 'com.github.johnrengelman.processes' // TODO add version

If using a version prior to gradle 4.5: Apply the plugin to your Gradle build:

plugins {
    id "com.github.johnrengelman.processes" version "0.3.0"


Process Forking

ProcessHandle handle = project.procs.fork {
    <process configuration> See [Exec](

ProcessHandle handle = project.procs.javafork {
    <process configuration> See [JavaExec](

Process Joining


Handling Multiple Processes

ProcessHandle handle = project.procs.javafork { ... }
ProcessHandle handle2 = project.procs.javafork { ... }
project.procs.waitForFinish([handle, handle2])

Forking Tasks

task fork(type: Fork) {
  // Configure the same as the Exec task

task javafork(type: JavaFork) {
  // Configure the same as the JavaExec task

Accessing a Forked Tasks Process

task fork(type: Fork) {
  // Configure task

task waitForFork() << {

Using the forked tasks can allow for starting/stopping processes for things like test infrastructure.

task startServer(type: Fork) {
  // Start some external service

task stopServer << {

test.dependsOn startServer
test.finalizedBy stopServer

Building the plugin

This should build everything and run the tests:

./gradlew build