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Acutis icon.

Acutis language

Acutis is a template language that features static typing, pattern matching, and asynchronous template components. You can execute your templates like scripts or compile them to self-contained JavaScript files.

Acutis is an experimental, personal project and is not stable.

{%~ interface
  siteTitle = string
  blogPosts =
          title: string,
          author: {name: ?string},
          date: string,
          image: ?{alt: string, src: string},
          content: string
/ ~%}
<h1> Blog posts for {{ siteTitle }} </h1>
{%~ map blogPosts with {image, title, content, date, author: {name}} %}
  <article class="h-entry">
      {% match image with null ~%}
        {* no image *}
      {%~ with !{src, alt} ~%}
        <img src="{{ src }}" alt="{{ alt }}">
      {% /match ~%}
      <h2 class="p-name"> {{ title }} </h2>
      <span class="p-author"> By {{ name ? "Anonymous" }} </span>
      <span class="dt-published"> Posted on {{ date }} </span>
    <div class="e-content"> {{{ content }}} </div>
{%~ /map %}

See how this example compiles in the playground.

Read the documentation here.

Usage in OCaml

The Acutis source is written in OCaml. You can install it with the OCaml package manager, OPAM.

opam pin

JavaScript & Eleventy plugin

You can use npm to install a JavaScript build of Acutis. This includes an Eleventy plugin.

Install the JavaScript package in your project:

npm install acutis-lang

Import the package in your Eleventy-powered site:

const acutis = require("acutis-lang");
const acutisEleventy = require("acutis-lang/eleventy");


Clone this repository with git. Then create a development OPAM switch:

opam switch create . --deps-only --with-test --with-doc

Compile the code:

dune build

Run tests:

dune runtest


Copyright (c) 2022 John Jackson.

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at