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Most changes are breaking changes.


  • Add JavaScript compilation. Templates can now compile to self-contained JavaScript files. This feature is supported in both the CLI and the Eleventy plugin.
  • Change how the Eleventy plugin loads template functions so it's consistent between the different modes.
  • Add debug commands to the CLI: --printast, --printtypes, and --printopt.


  • Remove format specifier options. %i %f and %b do not take any flags now.
  • Fix false positive "unused binding" error.
  • Fix bug in decoding unknown tags in open tagged unions.
  • Optimization: filter empty text nodes from final tree.


  • Add . record access syntax: {{ book.title }}.
  • Simplify the lexer.
  • Support the unknown data type for function components.
  • Calling a component with an extra prop is now a type error.


  • Change escape syntax to {{{ }}}.
  • Add format specifiers for echoing integers, floats, and boolean values.
  • Remove the polymorphic "echoable" type.


  • Make template blocks a first-class data type. Remove the child prop type that was previously used for them.
  • Change template block syntax to begin and end with # (#%} block {%#).
  • Add detection for unused bound variables.
  • Make parser require a text node (%}...{%) separates each expression.


  • Add Eleventy plugin.
  • Distinguish filenames from component names when compiling components.


  • Change interface syntax for consistency with other blocks.
  • Fix bug with escaped quote characters in strings.


  • Added interfaces. These allow you to optionally declare each template's types.
  • Improved pattern-matching compilation. This fixed bugs and made the algorithm more robust.


  • Acutis is rewritten in OCaml.
  • The JavaScript output is now compiled with js_of_ocaml.
  • The JavaScript API has completely changed.
  • There is a new OCaml API.
  • The language itself is the same, except for a few edge cases where the new parser behaves slightly differently.


  • Acutis is now statically typed. This breaks all older templates.
  • Added types:
    • Tuple.
    • Dictionary.
    • Enum.
    • Tagged union.
    • Unknown.
  • Changed types:
    • Numbers are now either integers or floating points.
    • Boolean is a type of enum.
    • Records and lists (formerly called arrays) behave differently than before.
    • Nullable behaves more like an "option" type.
  • Added syntax for new types.
  • A new function map_dict now compliments the list map.
  • Changed how external template functions work.
  • Pattern matching compiles into decision trees.
  • JavaScript API has almost completely changed.
  • Changed license to MPL.
  • There are many more changes than I can list here. See the updated docs for more information.


  • Breaking change: invalid string escape sequences are now compile errors.
    • The only valid escape sequences currently are \\ and \".
  • Fixed related escape sequence bugs.


  • Added objects as a mappable type.


  • Compile API changes:
    • Internal ASTs are now statically linked into directed acyclic graphs at compile time.
    • Circular template component dependencies are no longer allowed.
    • Components are compiled to an internal Compile.Components.t type.
    • Compile.fromArray is replaced with Compile.Components.make.
    • Compile.emptyMap is replaced with Compile.Components.empty.
    • Compile.make requires a second argument of Compile.Components.t type.
  • Environments are no longer dynamically constructed from functions.
    • Environment.make function replaced with static Environment.sync.
    • Environment.Async.make function replaced with static Environment.async.


  • New Source module with functions for classifying raw template sources.
  • Template names are no longer optional.
  • Results now use [#ok(_) | #errors(_)] type.
  • New Result module with utility functions for using result types.
  • Components are now stored in Belt.Map.String.t instead of Js.Dict.t.
  • Compile.make now takes a Source.t. type.
  • New Compile.fromArray creates a string map for components.
  • Removed documentation for Compile.makeAst.
  • ReScript: Added a public configuration to only export selected modules.
  • Some public API functions changed from uncurried to curried1:
    • Source.func function argument.
    • Source.funcWithString function argument.
    • env.mapChild function argument.
    • env.flatMapChild function argument.
  • Upgraded ReScript to 9.0.1.


  • Upgraded ReScript compiler to 9.0.
  • Added ReScript standard library as a dependency.
  • Removed JavaScript bundles. We now publish the compiled ReScript directly.
  • Dropped Node 10 from testing and package.json engines. However, nothing else has changed yet that should stop Node 10 from working.


  • Added ability to map static array patterns.
  • Internal AST changes.


  • Changed non-escape echo syntax: {% raw x %} is now {{ &x }}.
  • & can be selectively used in ? chains: {{ a ? &b }}.
  • Fixed bugs allowing binding to reserved words; made parser stricter overall.
  • Internal AST changes.


  • Added nullish coalescing to {{ echo }} and raw statements.
  • ReScript: Changed namespace to AcutisLang.
  • Added exports field to package.json
  • Removed prebundled IIFE files.
  • Minified all bundled files.


  • Added acutis-lang binary as an alias for acutis.
  • Removed TypeScript definitions. (They may be added back in the future.)
  • Errors now have a path field for showing stack traces.
  • Replaced the render function with a record containing functions:
    • render renders an AST.
    • return returns a string wrapped in the result type.
    • error returns an error.
    • mapChild uses a callback to transform a template child.
    • flatMapChild uses a callback to transform a template child without automatically wrapping it in a result type.
  • Renamed Render.makeContext to Environment.make.
  • Renamed Render.makeContextAsync to Environment.Async.make.
  • Renamed several type names to better reflect their semantics.
  • Function names are now consistent between ReScript and JavaScript.
    • JavaScript: renamed compile to Compile.make.
    • JavaScript: renamed makeAst to Compile.makeAst.
    • JavaScript: renamed renderContext to Environment.make.
    • JavaScript: renamed renderContextAsync to Environment.Async.make.


  • Added description to package.json.


  • Changed output from ReScript stdlib result type to a polymorphic variant.
  • Removed JavaScript result function in favor of directly accessing the data structure.
  • Made the exn field in the error record more type-safe by hiding its contents.


  • Rewrote error handling.
    • Exceptions are no longer thrown.
    • Errors are more readable.
    • Rendered template output is returned in a ReScript result data type, which either contains the compiled output or an array of errors.
    • A JavaScript result function can convert the output into a format friendly for JavaScript environments.
  • Improved detecting and reporting bad AST input.
  • CLI: Added option to print errors with console.table.


  • Fixed whitespace control to work on empty strings.
  • Added license to bundled source files.


  • Initial release


  1. My measurements showed negligible performance differences.