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Coronate is a web app for managing Swiss-style chess tournaments.


Maintenance is currently paused for Coronate. This has almost always been a one-person passion project, and there simply isn't time to work on it these days. The version hosted here should continue to work for the indefinite future, and its code will always be open-source. Anyone may use the Coronate source code in accordance with its license.

If you have a special interest in working with Coronate that you wish to discuss, please still feel free to reach out to me or open a GitHub issue.


Coronate is a free chess tournament manager. Anyone, even a tournament newbie with nothing but a web browser at their public library, can use it to run their tournament.

👉 Click here to open Coronate ♟

Read more about how to use the app here.

Read the frequently asked questions here.

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Coronate is free software, but you're welcome to show your appreciation.

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You will need to install Node.js version 18. Coronate might run on other versions too, but it's not tested on them.

The source code is mostly written in ReScript and React, which compiles to JavaScript. You'll need to be at least familiar with these languages and their toolchains.


For most people, the easiest method is to click the "Clone or Download" button on this project's GitHub homepage.

If you have Git installed, you can run:

git clone

If you want to make your own changes, then you should fork this repository on GitHub and clone your forked version.

Once you have a local copy of the code, run this command in the project's directory to install its dependencies:

npm install


Coronate works completely in your local browser.

First run this to compile the ReScript source:

npm run build:rescript

Alternatively, you can run the compiler in watch mode:

npm run start:rescript

Then run this to start a development version of the app:

npm start

This will start a server hosting Coronate on your computer. You can then open the app by clicking the link it shows you.

The server works with the JavaScript files that are created by the ReScript compiler. If you edit the ReScript source, it will need to recompile before the changes appear in the live app.

The app keeps your data in your browser's storage, so be mindful that data loss can happen unexpectedly depending on your settings. The app's "options" page has a button to back up your data in an external file.

Other commands

To execute the tests, run:

npm test

To create an optimized version for your own website, run:

npm run build

To automatically format all of the ReScript source files, run:

npm run format

Contributing, hacking, and more

See this document with information about contributing.

Coronate tries to have easy-to-use formats so users can truly own their data. For example, you can use this python script to output standings.


The three "kings" in the logo are derived from the Mérida chess font, which is informally licensed as "freeware."

Some human interface decisions (colors, buttons, etc.) are based on the Photon Design System for an elegant, OS-neutral, appearance.