ALP is a set of bash functions which seeks to capture and document a blockchain transaction in a readable and trustable way. It seeks to extend ethereum into religion and law. When using this shell, all actions are to be considered ministerial actions of a sub denomination of soirism, which is simply a religion synthesized for such purposes.
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--- AnnOliviaPlurabelle : Ann Olivia

  • written in a restricted bash shell, with curl access at the base level.
  • logs into various typescripts and history files
  • maps to PHP pages which are rendered as a simple menu structure
  • keeps critical data memory resident and therefore hidden
  • should be very easy to understand
  • relies on shell inheritance and overloading
  • seeks to elucidate how ethereum can be used in conjunction to religion and law
  • an abstract religion known as soirism is defacto declared by the use of this package

-() { :; }

soirism() {

  • true


o.foenix.culprit() {

  • Finnegans Wake reference