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Dropplets v2.0 Beta - Latest Version

Change settings at http://(your url)/setup

Add a new post at http://(your url)/post

View current version at http://(your url)/version

Update to latest version at http://(your url)/update

Run locally with php -S localhost:3100 index.php

Project Goals

  • Application made up of only one file
  • 30 second install and setup
  • Simple post publishing form
  • Quick password-only access
  • Database-less platform
  • Works even when the user has disabled JavaScript
  • Under 500 lines of code


Simply use the Latest Version link above to download index.php. Copy it to a folder on your server.

If you are using nginx, also download the .htaccess4nginx file. This holds the nginx rewrite rules.


Make sure index.php has execution permission and can write to the folder containing it.


Dependency Hosting -

Color Palette (backend and default theme) -

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