This is a simple attractive circular countdown timer that counts down a number of seconds. The style is configurable and a callback is supported on completion.
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jQuery countdown360

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A simple countdown timer in seconds

This plugin provides a simple circular countdown timer with customizable settings.

Check out a Demo

Basic Usage

  1. Include jQuery:

    <script src=""></script>
  2. Include plugin's code:

    <script src="dist/jquery.countdown360.min.js"></script>
  3. Include the plugin container in your HTML:

<div id="countdown"></div>
  1. Call the plugin:
  radius      : 60.5,
  seconds     : 5,
  strokeWidth : 15,
  fillStyle   : '#0276FD',
  strokeStyle : '#003F87',
  fontSize    : 50,
  fontColor   : '#FFFFFF',
  autostart: false,
  onComplete  : function () { console.log('completed') }

Default Options

	radius: 15.5,                    // radius of arc
	strokeStyle: "#477050",          // the color of the stroke
	strokeWidth: undefined,          // the stroke width, dynamically calulated if omitted in options
	fillStyle: "#8ac575",            // the fill color
	fontColor: "#477050",            // the font color
	fontFamily: "sans-serif",        // the font family
	fontSize: undefined,             // the font size, dynamically calulated if omitted in options
	fontWeight: 700,                 // the font weight
	autostart: true,                 // start the countdown automatically
	seconds: 10,                     // the number of seconds to count down
	label: ["second", "seconds"],    // the label to use or false if none, first is singular form, second is plural
	startOverAfterAdding: true,      // Start the timer over after time is added with addSeconds
	smooth: false,                   // update the ticks every 16ms when true
	onComplete: function () {}


.start()             // starts the countdown timer
.stop()              // stops the countdown timer, onComplete is not called
.extendTimer(secs)   // extends the current timer by backing up by the number of seconds provided
.addSeconds(secs)    // adds additional seconds to the original timer and restarts if startOverAfterAdding is true


onComplete					// The function defined in this option is called after the timer completes.


See Contributing


MIT License © John Schult