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Remember, the [PrivateKeyVault]( is not a thing that someone is selling. It is rather a way of working that is freely accessible to anyone with electricity and an Internet connection. If we work together we can get everyone onto a public blockchain by sharing the [PrivateKeyVault GitHub repository](

**Second Big Problem Solve**
**Second Big Problem Solved**
**Private Keys Generated by Hardware Wallets are a Central Point of Attack**
The Nano Ledger and other similar devices use a pseudo random algorithm to generate private keys.
So if some [individual or government were to put a back door]( into the algorithm then everyone loses individual control of their accounts all at the same time. Avoiding this kind of disaster is the whole point of decentralization using blockchains. Individuals must have the right to generate their own private keys using a method known to be completely random. The private key is how an account is controlled. How can we hand this control over to any single entity?

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