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These instructions for encryption are unique because it shows a method of encrypting an entire partition on the SD card (your operating system) without the need of a second Linux computer. Everything is done on the raspberry pi which reduces the opportunity for a malware attack.
These instructions only work if you Raspbian version Jessie installed.
These instructions only work if you have Raspbian version Jessie installed.
If you have been following along then Jessie is installed.
If you are running Raspbian version Stretch then there are different instructions for encrypting your SD card.
Those instructions are found here.
[I have not yet tried That instalation yet nor have I examined the scripts.](
[Those instructions are found here.](
**I have not yet tried that instalation yet nor have I examined the scripts.**
I will report back here after looking at the scripts and trying the install.
An overview of the process:

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