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Python client for Marionette
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Marionette Client

Marionette is a Mozilla project to enable remote automation in Gecko-based projects, including desktop Firefox, mobile Firefox, and Boot-to-Gecko.

It utilizes the remote-debugger inside Gecko for the transport layer of the Marionette server. The commands the Marionette server will eventually implement are based on Selenium's JSON Wire Protocol, although not all commands are presently implemented, and additional commands will likely be added.

Package Files

  • This is the Marionette socket client; it speaks the same socket protocol as the Gecko remote debugger.
  • The Marionette client. This uses to communicate with a server that speaks the Gecko remote debugger protocol. This allows Selenium tests to utilize Marionette.
  • A socket server which mimics the remote debugger in Gecko, and can be used to test pieces of the Marionette client.
  • Tests the Marionette JSON Protocol by using


You'll need the ManifestDestiny and MozHttpd packages from Mozbase:

git clone git://
cd mozbase

Other than that, there are no special requirements.

Writing and Running Tests Using Marionette

See Writing Marionette tests, and Running Marionette tests.

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