Testing any site locally or using Sauce Labs with Cucumber and Selenium
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== Signup for Sauce Labs

== Edit Configs
Copy all example config files in "configs" to not have the .example extension

Modify the ondemand.yml file by adding your sauce username and sauce api key

modify the cucumber.yml file to have the personalized values added. 

== Run against Sauce Labs
To start a test running on Sauce Labs from the command line run the command "cucumber -p sauce_{your browser of choice, 7 for ie7 8 for ie8 f for firefox, etc} feature/some_feature_file.feature"  

== Tunnel
When creating a tunnel with Sauce labs make sure you have a host with a two value TLD.  Like foo.bar or localhost.com

== Selenium RC
Selenium RC in this project is a gem used to start a Selenium Remote control you just need to start it with the command "selenium-rc" from your terminal

== Run Locally
To start running locally start up your Selenium RC and then from a separate command prompt run "cucumber -p local" to run all features.  You can run a specific feature by typing "cucumber -p local features/some_feature_file.feature

== Docs and Resources