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[Suggested description] The aoedisk_debugfs_show function in drivers/block/aoe/aoeblk.c in the Linux kernel through 4.16.rc4 allows local users to obtain sensitive address information by reading "ffree: " lines in a debugfs file.

[Additional Information] through 4.16.rc4

[VulnerabilityType Other] infoleak

[Vendor of Product] linux

[Affected Product Code Base] linux kernel - >=3.12.rc1

[Affected Component] /drivers/block/aoe/aoeblk.c

static int aoedisk_debugfs_show(struct seq_file *s, void *ignored) { ... seq_printf(s, "ffree: %p\n", list_empty(&(*t)->ffree) ? NULL : (*t)->; ...


[Attack Type] Local

[Impact Information Disclosure] true

[Attack Vectors]

  1. modprobe aoe
  2. setup aoe disk network
  3. cat /sys/kernel/debug/aoe/etherd/e*


[Discoverer] ADLab of VenusTech