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A basic Django project to serve as a starting point for other projects.
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This Is

A Django skeleton project set up the way I like to roll. This sets up a vagrant VM, provisions it to host a django project, and configures the included project to run on it with a bunch of common apps and helpful defaults.

To Get Started

From your terminal with git and django 1.4+ installed:

git clone startproject --template=./basicproject/ <project_name>
cd <project_name>
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

That's it! Visit http://localhost:8080/ to see the fruits of your labor.

Guidelines & Assumptions

The project starts with one app, core, which serves as the main app. It contains the root URLconf and a basic index view to start with; you can expand it as you see fit.

New custom apps should be at the same level in the directory hierarchy as core. You can run startapp <app_name> from the root of your project to add new apps.

The folders static/scripts and static/styles are set to be ignored by git, with the assumption that their contents are generated using something like CoffeeScript and Compass, respectively. Both are installed in the VM, and the necessary config for a basic Compass setup is included in the project code.

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