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Briak is a Sinatra-based web front-end browser for the ultra-cool distributed NoSQL database Riak from Basho.


You will need Ruby 1.8.7, and the following gems:

gem install sinatra ripple

Clone the git repo

git clone briak
cd briak
ruby briak.rb

Surf to the Briak URL

Enter the host and port for your Riak cluster/node, and click the Connect button.

Click the edit link in the Buckets section, and enter a space-separated list of bucket names you would like to browse, and click Save.

Use the Buckets drop-down to select the Bucket to browse, and the keys will populate the Keys section. Clicking on any key will show you the contents of that key.


You dont need to run Briak on the same machine as your Riak node, but make sure the Riak node is set to bind to a real IP instead of localhost. Basically this involves modifying riak_web_ip in etc/app.config in your Riak directory.

If you have lots of keys (tens of thousands) in a bucket, Briak will try to list them all, which could be problematic.

I whipped this up so I could visualize what is going on inside Riak as I am learning about it, and hopefully others will find it useful as well.