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Autocomplete (typeahead) widget in ClojureScript using core.async CSP techniques, based on David Nolen's work.
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Huli (Hawaiian for "search") is an autocomplete widget written in ClojureScript, and is built using CSP techniques with the core.async library.

Basically this is a re-packaging of David Nolen's (@swannodette) awesome blog post here. Mostly an excercise in learning ClojureScript and core.async, but maybe over time it can mature into a full-featured, stand-alone widget that can be dropped into any JavaScript project.


For ease of development, a simple Ring server is included. Simply clone the repo:

git clone
cd huli
lein ring server
open http://localhost:3000/

Copyright and license

Copyright © 2013-2014 David Nolen and John Lynch

Licensed under the EPL.

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