React (reactjs), Gulp, Webpack, Bootstrap, LiveReload, all tied up in a bow.
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React JS Template App

This is a starter template for building your first React application. Based on a Gulp and Webpack build system. If you look at the gulpfile, it implements some nifty features:

  • Uses gulpfile.js to trampoline to, for you coffee drinkers out there.
  • gulp dev implements an http server and a live reload server.
  • gulp --production shows how to use command line flags to switch to building minified versions.
  • Uses the awesome Webpack project to combine all the javascript files into one.

Up and Running

First, clone the repo...

git clone

Then install the npm and bower modules

$ npm install
$ bin/bower install

start server

$ bin/gulp dev

then go to http://localhost:4000/index.html

If you have the Chrome LiveReload extension installed, then your browser will automatically reload when any file in /src changes.